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We aim to positively impact both the supply and demand of sustainable remote work opportunities. What's your role in the future of work?




Remote teams are a vital element in the future of work. Companies benefit through:

  • Access to a more diverse and valuable set of employees such as isolated communities, women returning to work, minority demographics...  just to name a few.
  • Cost savings from reduced overheard and real estate expenses, decreased turnover rates, and potential tax breaks. 

So where does remote work go wrong?

  • Ignoring the skills workers need to be successful in a remote environment.
  • Failing to train leaders of virtual teams to motivate and manage when they can't physically see their team members.
  • Lack of investment in building company-led trust and aligned processes for remote success. 

Workplaceless® programs are developed to address the root cause of struggle in remote teams - lack of training

Training for New-to-Remote Workers & Company Onboarding

Learn the core competencies that will qualify you for, and help you succeed in, remote positions.


Training for Leaders of Hybrid and Distributed Teams

Lead your team—even from a distance. Gain the skills necessary to effectively manage remote teams.


Training for Hybrid or Remote-Experimenting Companies

Every workplace is different. Our Goplaceless program evaluates your readiness and customizes your remote action plan.


Who We Help

Our courses apply to a broad range of companies and industries, including government initiatives and educational institutions. A sampling of our clients include:

Real-World Case Studies

Leaders from remote companies contribute their real-world experiences of remote challenges and success stories to our programs. #RemoteExperts

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What skills do you need to remote succeed?

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