Our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Statement


Our mission at Workplaceless is to positively impact both the supply and demand of remote work opportunities. We believe that in order to achieve our mission, we have a responsibility to: 


  1. Develop effective learning experiences that include diverse perspectives. 
  2. Ensure our learning experiences are accessible to learners with diverse needs. 
  3. Use inclusive language in our learning experiences as well as our internal and external communications that reflect our commitment to valuing diverse perspectives. 
  4. Work continuously toward developing a diverse, equitable, and inclusive team
  5. Create a psychologically safe workplace that encourages team members to actively identify areas we all can improve diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility.  
  6. Establish and practice strategies to use when we encounter situations that threaten the psychological safety, equity, inclusion, or accessibility for ourselves and others. 
  7. Establish accountability measures to ensure visible and consistent progress toward our DEI goals.


Our commitment to improving diversity, equity, accessibility, and inclusion is a lifelong personal and professional practice. We recognize that within this commitment, we will make mistakes. Therefore it is our further pledge that we will learn from those mistakes, adapt as we grow, and continue to drive toward the goals we’ve set out to achieve.


While we may be a small team at the moment, our learning experiences have the potential to impact thousands of learners—our intentionality in living into our commitment to DEI must be both internal and external.

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Resources for DE&I in Remote Teams

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