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Effective Virtual Meetings in 9 Easy Steps

For remote teams, effective virtual meetings are essential to building relationships, communication, and collaboration. But inefficient virtual meetings can also be one of the biggest time-wasters for remote teams.  Which of these situations sound familiar? You’re at a meeting that you probably don’t need to attend, but attendance is mandatory.

Virtual Volunteer Opportunities Round-Up

Pre-pandemic many remote professionals expressed having more time to connect with their communities, especially via volunteering. Unfortunately, as the pandemic wears on, there are two powerful impacts: remote workers are feeling increasingly disconnected and isolated, and non-profits are experiencing a shortage of volunteers. We’re sharing some volunteer opportunities that allow you

Learning from 2020 and Guiding Better Remote Work In 2021

This time last year we were focused on supporting businesses who were building sustainable remote teams as part of their growth and people strategies. Then March 2020 happened, and everyone was suddenly thrust into remote. It wasn’t planned, and it certainly wasn’t strategic. Like everyone else, our business needed to

7 Warning Signs Your Remote Team Needs Training

At Workplaceless, we speak regularly with experienced and newly remote leaders and clients who feel that for the most part, their teams are operating smoothly—they’re just experiencing a few “hiccups.” But really, who isn’t experiencing hiccups, especially in 2020? … into 2021? … and into 2022? As we dig deeper

Start. Stop. Continue. Our First Virtual Team Meeting without Zoom

As a remote team who doesn’t see each other in an office everyday, it’s important for us at Workplaceless to stay connected with one another, beyond just the work. While we integrate this throughout our daily routines through apps like Donut and remote team building exercises, we also aim to

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