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We're grateful for our partnership with - a company focused on making collaboration from anywhere possible by providing one of the easiest and most effective video meeting tools for remote work.


We chatted with Børge Dvergsdal, Head of Culture, about "How we built a remote work culture at"


Q: How did the team become a remote work organizational structure?

A: Our remote work culture started when one of our engineers wanted to move from Oslo to a smaller city. He was tired of commuting, the high cost of living and wanted a less stressful life closer to his family, and thus the remote work policy was born. In the early days, he was struggling with the feeling of isolation, so we needed to find a way to solve our first remote hurdle. We decided to implement our new remote work culture by involving the entire company in the process. Getting the team excited was the first task, then realizing that this is a joint team effort where we constantly look for better ways to improve our culture, how we communicate and collaborate.

To cover some problems, we first had to live them. We did mandatory “work from home” weeks for the entire team, where the goal was to identify problems and create solutions. This also improved our product to better serve remote collaboration. What started out with one person moving has now transferred into a team working from 11 different locations worldwide. We are still experimenting on how to make our remote working policies and culture work even better.


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