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A New Spin on Networking Events

Let's talk networking events. You know that building a network is important to getting a job and moving up in your career, so you attend them, or at least, you've attended them in the past. 

You take your business card and you head over, ready to work the room and meet new connections. Sometimes it pans out, sometimes not. Sometimes, you have to explain what working remotely is all about. And sometimes, it's just a complete wash. 

Now tell me this: have you ever wondered why all these events are still done in person? Think about the time it takes to attend traditional networking events: getting ready, traveling to the place, and then the actual event itself, then traveling back. It seems silly to use all that extra commuting time when there are so many tools that are at our disposal now that make simulating face-to-face interactions so much easier. 

Well, now there is an event that uses these tools to network virtually. 

And you're invited. 

Join us for the very first networkplaceless event on Wednesday, May 16, 11am-12pm EDT. Registration is free but limited — so if you want to grow your network from wherever you choose to work, then sign up today. 

We'll be doing speed networking using Zoom, meaning we'll break out into small groups to introduce ourselves and present our elevator speech (no more than 1 minute!). You'll get to meet other professionals who work remotely from all over the world. And even better, you don't have to leave your regular workspace to do it. 

Sound good? Then click below to register! 

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