Are Your Teams Truly Remote Ready?

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Goplaceless Training Module One includes:

  • The Importance and Impact of Remote Work
  • Your Reasons to Go Remote
  • What Makes Remote Work Different
  • What Do You Need to Go Remote?
  • Recruiting Change Agents
  • A Day in the Life
  • Obstacles to Remote Readiness
  • Assess Your Remote Readiness
    • What is Remote Readiness?
    • Obstacles to Remote Readiness
    • Tools for Remote Readiness
    • Remote Readiness Assessment
  • Two Case Studies
  • Your Remote Work Policy - Part 1

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The first, and only, portfolio of capacity building courses that ensures you and your team members are aligned to the same goals when working in and transitioning to fully distributed or remote-hybrid environments. Create a Remote Work Policy and design the supporting infrastructure that truly works for your organization.

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