Leadplaceless® Virtual Leadership Training

The Leadplaceless® virtual leadership training builds the behaviors needed to enable workforce flexibility and reinforce a culture committed to remote and hybrid work.

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Virtual leadership training delivers impact to remote and hybrid teams.

Rapidly Deliver Big Impact

Ultra-curated topics results in a minimal time commitment required to learn, practice, and implement powerful improvements within your team.

Virtual leadership training needs to address mindset, infrastructure, and capability to thrive in a flexible environment.

Empower Autonomy and Flexibility

The thread of remote-first and async-first mindset and leadership behaviors reduce burnout, maintain connectivity, and increase employee satisfaction.

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Address Hybrid Concerns

Content tailored to hybrid team situations builds the leadership skills needed to reduce common hybrid workforce inequities.

For individuals

For teams under 50

For teams over 50

Get the Leadplaceless + Toolkit Bundle

Our recommended Leadplaceless virtual leadership training delivery for teams mirrors effective remote work in action. The Leadplaceless learning format first introduces foundational knowledge and then provides the opportunities and tools to apply improved behaviors into practice using the templates in our Hybrid Team Success Toolkit. 

2-3 hours of virtual leadership training

hour online course

Leadplaceless teaches leaders how to develop inclusive, resilient, and effective hybrid and remote teams by shifting mindsets, setting expectations, and changing behaviors.

7 virtual leadership training projects

self-guided projects

Use the items in the Hybrid Team Success Toolkit to apply new behaviors to create successful processes and practices. Each leader can prioritize and use the templates and instructions to deliver impact with their teams.

Virtual Leadership Training Topics

Seven topics focus on the exact async-focused information remote and hybrid leaders need to save teams time and meet the demand for flexibility.

  • Build effective and inclusive virtual meetings
  • Learn sync and blended meeting norms and practices to reduce inefficiencies
  • Develop social capital in remote and hybrid teams
  • Facilitate inclusive connections
  • Set and respect boundaries to keep from overworking and burnout
  • Reduce interruptions
  • Manage performance of remote and in-office employees
  • Measure performance based on outcomes, not presence
  • Manage your team’s communication and collaboration tools
  • Learn the components of a Communication Charter
  • Enable autonomous work by improving access to information in documentation
  • Reduce micromanagement by embracing async-first behaviors within your team
  • Reduce reliance on synchronous time to make decisions
  • Make decisions more consistent and inclusive with asynchronous components

Virtual Leadership Training Flow

The Leadplaceless virtual leadership training course efficiently guides you through both what you need to know and how to strengthen your remote or hybrid team.


Learn proven practices in fully remote and hybrid teams.


Explore and reflect on examples.


Apply learning via step-by-step instructions.


Audit your leadership behaviors.


Use job aids and tools to create effective habits.


Get feedback from your team on the impact of the changes.

Virtual Leadership Training Impact

Leadplaceless virtual leadership training is designed to not just inform leaders on best practices, but to guide them in adopting effective virtual leadership behaviors. 

Leadplaceless virtual leadership training case study
Jo Palmer

Founder, Pointer Remote Roles

“After our team completed the Leadplaceless course, we felt significantly more empowered to hire effective remote teammates, develop a strong culture that would work for us remotely, and ultimately achieve our business goals with a 100% distributed team.”

Stephanie Stewart

Human Resources Generalist, Reconciled

“Leadplaceless opened the door for great conversations, practical knowledge, and insights from other remote companies that empowered our managers to confidently lead… We had tangible takeaways that we were able to implement immediately.”

Kevin Shuman

National Manager, Toyota Financial Services

“Leadplaceless took us to the next level. It focused on critical remote skills from a leader perspective, and taught us how you engage, interact, and bring your people along. This was a shift in culture for us. It grounded our team, and we immediately saw a difference, especially in increasing our team engagement.”

Upon completion of this course leaders will have the behaviors and tools to effectively lead their teams, and a certification in the competencies to be successful.

Earn Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) Professional Development Credits (PDCs)

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