Learn how to lead and manage hybrid remote and fully distributed teams.

Virtual leadership training benefits the manager, the team, and the company.


If you have one remote team member, you have a remote team.

Leadplaceless Curriculum Includes:

Seven modules guide leaders through the core skills needed to be an effective manager of remote teams. Applicable assignments are combined with practical advice and case studies from experienced remote leaders.*

Module 1: Remote Team Culture

Learn to create and nurture a remote culture that allows your virtual employees to thrive.

Darcy Boles, Head of Employee Experience

Chance Gurr, COO

Module 2: Communication

Optimize your team's virtual communication techniques and channels to ensure they are effective and consistent.

Ankur Gupta, CEO

Raphael Luescher, Enterprise Account Executive

Module 3: Performance Management

Manage your remote team's performance based on outputs and results, not hours in the office.

Christina Lewellen, VP Business Development

Module 4: Conflict Management

Gain the skills to manage conflict in distributed and remote hybrid teams.

Shannon Miles, CEO and Co-founder

Module 5: Vision

Articulate and communicate the vision for the future success of your remote team.

Chloe Oddleifson, People Operations

Alex Hirst, Co-Founder and Joint CEO

Module 6: Change Management

Lead your team through changes in a remote environment.

Marcus Wermuth, Mobile Lead

Ken Weary, VP of Operations

Module 7: Learning & Development

Guide and support the learning & development goals within your remote team.

Katie Womersley, VP of Engineering

Angela Kiniry, People Happiness Officer


*companies and titles at time of interview

Our programs are more than just a series of videos. We utilize best-in-class learning and retention principles:

Guided facilitation sessions for companies to ensure teams stay aligned, and can be customized to specific team needs.

Interactive modules to keep you engaged.

Videos and animations provide tangible examples of how concepts apply in real teams.

Downloadable worksheets so you can reference your learning again and again.

Assignments to ensure the principles apply to your particular situation.

Assessments to help you track and validate concepts explored.

Digital certification to prove you're ready as a remote leader.

"After our team completed the Leadplaceless course, we felt significantly more empowered to hire effective remote teammates, develop a strong culture that would work for us remotely, and ultimately achieve our business goals with a 100% distributed team. Because of the results we saw with this program, we now recommend Workplaceless courses to our clients and partners."

Jo Palmer
Founder, Pointer Remote Roles

Earn Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) Professional Development Credits (PDCs)


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