Welcome to workplaceless, where we provide tips, tools, and resources for people who work (or want to work) from home or from anywhere else!

This blog is for anyone who:

  • Understands that you don’t have to be at a physical office in order to produce high-quality work
  • Wants the flexibility of working at home
  • Wants to travel more often without having to take time off of work
  • Seeks opportunities to work for businesses outside their geographical region

Or anyone who:

  • Manages a remote team
  • Currently works in a remote position and is seeking to move up the invisible corporate ladder
  • Is looking to add flexibility options for their team
  • Wants to become a remote work expert

What you’ll find here:

This blog will be about concrete steps you can take to find and apply for a remote position, do your best work remotely, take advantage of the remote work lifestyle, advance your career, and manage others. We’ll provide specific tools and systems that the best online teams use to be successful.

Example topics include:

  • Remote job profiles
  • Interviews with remote employees from around the world
  • The best communication tools for online teams
  • How to hold virtual meetings
  • How to manage remote teams
  • Schedules of productive remote workers
  • How to ask your boss to allow you to work from home
  • Tools to help you focus when working online
  • Digital nomads: how to travel the world when working remotely
  • Creating boundaries between work and home life
  • Time-saving tips
  • Establishing accountability
  • Teambuilding for remote teams
  • Moving up the invisible corporate ladder in remote teams
  • How to deal with a remote team member whose work is lacking

And much more! If you have a suggestion for a blog post, please let us know by filling out this form.

More and more companies are seeing that providing flexible work options is an effective way to attract and retain top talent and keep their talent engaged and productive. Take advantage of this cultural shift and dive into the workplaceless lifestyle — you won’t want to go back!


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