The Workplaceless Story

In 2017 our founder, Tammy Bjelland, recognized the growing need for, and benefits to flexible work. Combined with her experience rooted in learning and development, she had a keen eye to the significant gap in resources available to support effective and growth-oriented remote workers and companies.

With that in mind, she introduced the first ever Workplaceless® Remote Work Certification program.

Workplaceless has grown to be the leading remote work training provider with a robust portfolio of programs for companies and teams, and a respected voice of proven expertise in the future of work.

The Workplaceless Mission

Build the capabilities to perform and grow at every stage of an organization’s remote work evolution.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Tammy Bjelland

Founder & CEO

Bryan Stutzman

Chief Revenue Officer

Jacqueline Zeller

Chief Marketing Officer

Katie Scheuer, Head of LX profile photo

Katie Scheuer

Head of Learning Experience

Our Values

About our mission to help remote workers, managers and companies thrive location-independent.

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