The Workplaceless Story

Our founder, Tammy Bjelland, recognized the growing need for, and benefits to flexible work. Combined with her experience rooted in learning and development, she had a keen eye to the significant gap in resources available to support effective and growth-oriented remote workers and companies.

With that in mind, she introduced the first ever Workplaceless® Remote Work Certification program.

The full Workplaceless portfolio of programs continues to grow directly based on feedback from our community and to adapt to the flexibility needed for the future of work.

Meet Our Team

Tammy Bjelland

Founder & CEO

Tammy started her professional career in academia. In 2011, she began working remotely in edtech, and became interested in the techniques and methods necessary for individuals to not only learn new skills, but to do so remotely. She has put her experience with learning and development, education, and edtech to work helping people achieve location-independent growth ever since. Tammy draws from her professional experience in edtech, publishing, higher ed, and training and development to drive the learning strategy and methodology behind all of Workplaceless’ learning programs.

Bryan Stutzman

Chief Revenue Officer

As a highly accomplished senior-level executive, Bryan brings 10 years of business expertise to Workplaceless in his role as the VP of Business Development. With a proven track record of innovative solutions and positive results, he is well-versed in setting strategy and implementing new ideas and marketing plans. His specialties include building revenue streams, maintaining a large network of contacts inside and outside of the company, developing strategic partnerships and ensuring overall client satisfaction. Bryan leads with motivation, energy and a positive outlook.

Jacqueline Zeller

Chief Marketing Officer

Jacqueline brings a diversity of proven marketing success stories across a portfolio of brands: market leaders, turn-around businesses, niche products, and non-profit business streams. She combines a dedication to always being the voice of the consumer, with a clear focus on effective and efficient use of her team's time. While her direct market experience has taken her physically around the globe, she's passionate about the potential and the drive towards more remote opportunities. For the nitty-gritty, check out her LinkedIn details.

Megan Eddinger

Director of Learner Experience

Megan joins our team with over 10 years experience with LMS management, administration, and eLearning course development. She has served as a pioneer in remote work and remote teams in previous roles by introducing new tools and technologies to make remote teams more successful. Her specialties include optimizing user experience, Learning Management Systems, and Instructional Design. The learner is always Megan’s top priority and she goes above and beyond to ensure she exceeds their expectations.

Our Values

About our mission to help remote workers, managers and companies thrive location-free.


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