Learn the skills to excel in remote work from day one

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We Work Remotely, the largest remote work community in the world, shared data revealing that:

remote job opportunities are on the rise with approximately 2,300 job postings on their platform in 2018

however, they are still significantly out paced by the number of remote job seekers—nearing 230,000 in January 2019 alone.

Please visit the full We Work Remotely Remote Work Trends  for all the data and additional insights. 

What does this mean for both seeker and employer?

Companies and hiring departments need a quick way to vet candidates’ ability to thrive in a remote position or provide them with the tools to get up to speed quickly.

Candidates need a way to stand out from the pool of hundreds, if not thousands, of applicants per job and prove they have what it takes to succeed.

Enter the

Workplaceless® Remote Work Certification 

Gain the knowledge and skills that remote workers need to succeed

Curriculum covers:

Module 1: The Remote Workday

What does a remote workday look like?

Module 2: Communication

How do you communicate effectively when you work remotely?

Module 3: Workflow

What is the process of completing work in a remote environment?

Module 4: Productivity & Time Management

How is productivity managed in virtual workplaces?

Module 5: Teams

How do you work together when you're physically apart?

Module 6: Compliance

How do you safeguard your data with a virtual office?

Module 7: Autonomy

How do you work independently

Because not everyone learns the same way, our modules include a variety of teaching methods:

Interactive and engaging e-learning experiences

Videos and animations that make learning clear and approachable

Downloadable worksheets you can refer to again and again

Assignments to give you hands-on practice

Assessments to help you track your learning

Digital certification to prove you're ready for your remote role.

Workplaceless led virtual facilitation sessions for company clients.

Plus Real Remote Work Case Studies From:

Earn Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) Professional Development Credits (PDCs)


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