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Workplaceless introduced the first global remote work certification program in 2017 and has continuously evolved the content to meet the needs of professionals and teams.

Years of remote experience combined with thousands of hours of research and interviews with highly effective remote professionals generates proven recommendations when it comes to ways to optimally work remotely.

Perform with Confidence

Whether new to, or a veteran of, remote work, developing the expert-vetted critical skills needed to excel in distributed environments improves your productivity, engagement, and ability to work independently without burnout.

Eliminate Inefficient Habits

Practice exercises, real world scenarios, and downloadable job aids ensure that the time you invest in digital-first learning is focused on optimizing processes you can immediately apply to your job.

Strengthen Team Performance

Building a team with aligned language, mindset, and frameworks for virtual communication and collaboration, empowers remote professionals to execute work and overcome challenges together with speed and focus.

Whitley Potter

via the Rural Online Initiative

“In taking and completing the course, it enhanced my skills and my resume. Now, not only did I have the skills and knowledge to work remotely, but I had the training and certificate to prove it. Within one month of completing the course I got hired on with a great company as a Project Manager.”

Lori Adam

“I loved the tools and resources that were mentioned and how to communicate for emotional support. The real life stories were very helpful.”

Leon Quinn

“I’ve been working remotely or from home/co-working spaces for most of the past 20 years,… so I thought I knew it all but the Workplaceless course taught me lots more… I’d highly recommend it to anyone who works remotely or alone or anyone who is thinking of doing the same.”

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Workplaceless Remote Work Certification includes:

In the Remote Work Certification, seven modules guide remote professionals through the key skills needed to be an effective individual contributor and member of a remote or hybrid team. A Remote Worker Effectiveness Audit, and applicable assignments are combined with practical advice and case studies from a diverse set of experienced remote professionals.*

minutes of video content

interactive course elements

downloadable resources

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Case studies from best-in-class remote experiences:

Here’s what you’ll learn in the Remote Work Certification:

How do you work independently? How do you stay productive, motivated, and accountable? What can you do to make working from home work for you? 

In this module, we’ll teach you the skills to manage yourself while working remotely.

Zahra Haider, Brand Compliance Manager at Lenovo

What does a remote workday look like? How do you set boundaries between work and life? How do you manage your time effectively while working remotely? 

In this module, we’ll cover the key aspects of creating a successful remote workday.

Scott Dawson, Senior UX Architect at Intercontinental Exchange

How do you safeguard your data? What are the must-have tools and technology for an effective remote working environment? 

In this module, we’ll delve into the integral aspects of setting up a robust remote work infrastructure. We’ll cover best practices for data security, essentials for a productive workspace, and the importance of reliable digital tools and technology.

How do you communicate effectively when you work remotely?

This module will equip you with essential communication strategies tailored for virtual teams. You’ll learn how to utilize various communication platforms, understand when to use synchronous and asynchronous communication, and how to express your ideas clearly and effectively in a virtual setting.

Reginald Dunn, Curriculum Development & Training Analyst at Toyota Financial Services

What is the process of completing work in a remote environment? How do you manage projects, deadlines, and team collaborations in a virtual environment? 

This module will introduce you to strategies for effective project management, from setting clear goals and milestones to using digital tools for task management. We will also explore how to navigate common challenges in remote workflow and how to foster a culture of accountability and transparency within remote teams.

How is productivity measured in remote environments? In a remote working environment, measuring productivity is more about outcomes than time spent. 

This module will help you redefine productivity in the context of remote work, focusing on results-driven strategies. You’ll learn various methodologies for managing your time effectively, such as the Pomodoro Technique, time blocking, and setting SMART goals. We’ll also delve into how you can maintain a healthy work-life balance, avoid burnout, and stay motivated in a remote setting.

Stephanie Evans, Senior Content Strategist at LinkedIn Learning

How do you work together when you’re physically apart? Collaboration is a vital component of team success in any environment, but it takes on a new form in remote settings. 

In this module, we take a deep dive into the strategies and tools that support successful remote collaboration. We’ll also discuss ways to foster a sense of team unity and engagement, even when team members are geographically dispersed. 

Eb Sowa, Electrical Engineer at Enbridge

*Case study worker experiences are their own. Companies and titles are representative of their roles at the time of interview.

Remote Work Certification Credential

Upon completion of this course, workers will be empowered with a personalized development plan to improve their effectiveness, and a Remote Work Certification as proof of the ability to be successful as a remote worker.

Earn Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) Professional Development Credits (PDCs)

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