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Our train-the-trainer program gives managers, trainers, HR professionals the skills to effectively implement a remote learning and development strategy.

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Trainplaceless Scholarship Applications

Trainplaceless answers a need in two fundamental areas

Educators (current & former)

Looking to leverage their skills into corporate training as a next career progression.

In-house training teams

Looking to scale the development opportunities for their people through access to remote learning.

Become a Certified Remote Trainer

Upon full Trainplaceless course completion, graduates earn a certification which signifies to future clients and your internal teams you are a trusted guide in their own learning goals.

The full course is also available for 10 SHRM-PDC credits. Learn more.

Trainplaceless Curriculum Includes:

Module 1: The History and Impact of Remote Work

Learn the key points in history of remote work and the impact it has today.

Module 2: Remote Training Fundamentals

Identify the key components of effective learning experiences for remote teams.

Module 3: Workplaceless Programs 

Understand the Workplaceless methodology and programs.

Module 4: Facilitation

Learn how to facilitate virtual learning experiences.

Module 5: Learning Programs

Create learning initiatives that align goals with outcomes.

Module 6: Learning Outcomes

Use measurable outcomes to drive design and evaluate remote learning experiences.

Module 7: Feedback

Provide and receive consistent feedback to inform instructional decisions.

An Investment that Pays Back

In addition to doors opening due to the expanding need for remote-qualified trainers, Trainplaceless graduates will have the opportunity to apply to be paid facilitators for our portfolio of Workplaceless courses.

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Trainplaceless Scholarship Pilot

As is our mission to make remote work accessible to all, we are opening up a scholarship program for Trainplaceless.

Scholarship Pilot Program Highlights:

  • 10 Trainplaceless program scholarships will be offered during this pilot.
  • Price of full course enrollment after scholarship acceptance will be $50.
  • Application deadline of August 30, 2019.
  • All applicants will be notified of acceptance the 2nd week of September.


All Scholarship Participants agree to:

  • Paying the $50 enrollment fee at time of scholarship acceptance. (If this reduced price is outside your current economic means, please note that within your application.)
  • Completing the full curriculum within 2 months of enrollment
  • Attending two live virtual facilitation sessions within that 2 month period

Selection Criteria.

We are looking for diversity of scholarship recipient experience and Trainplaceless certification application. No single answer will automatically disqualify an applicant from our application review process.

Outlined here is our criteria selection rubric.






After earning the Trainplaceless credential, describe your career path. 

Does not describe a career path for which virtual training skills are necessary 

Describes clear career path for which virtual training skills are necessary 

Describes a compelling career path for which this credential is essential


What impact would this credential have on your life and/or network? 

Offers little to no evidence that virtual training skills would have a positive impact 

Offers some evidence that virtual training skills would have a positive impact on individual and/or network opportunities 

Delivers compelling evidence that this credential would have a substantial positive impact on individual and/or network opportunities 


With this credential, who would you reach? What unique perspective/experience would you leverage? 

Does not describe a unique/diverse perspective or experience 

Describes a unique/diverse perspective/ experience 

Delivers a persuasive  story of leveraging personal diversity of experience to a future population of learners  


50% Complete

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