Education for the Future of Work

Workplaceless Programs Prepare Students to Thrive in the Age of Workplace Flexibility

We partner with high schools, colleges, and universities to provide education for the future of work. 

By integrating Workplaceless programs into their curricula, education providers empower their students to navigate the intricacies of remote work, adapt to technological advancements, and embrace the flexible and dynamic nature of the future of work.

Offer Future-Ready Credentials

Provide opportunities for students to achieve  credentials that demonstrate to future employers their ability to succeed in remote and hybrid work. 

Relevant Real-World Course Materials

Workplaceless programs are based on real-world experience of remote professionals. 

Prepare Staff and Faculty for Flexible Work

Provide staff and faculty members with training to address the most common challenges in flexible work environments. 

"If education is only designed with colocated environments in mind, the current academic experience of a graduate may be incomplete and could put them at a disadvantage when entering the workforce."

Laurel Farrer. “Future Of Education And Future Of Work — Do They Match?” Forbes, 30 April 2019.


Our cutting-edge programs bridge the gap between traditional education and the evolving demands of the modern workplace.

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Remote Work Certification

Students learn the foundational skills to succeed in remote or hybrid environments: self-management, structuring the workday, infrastructure, communication, workflow, time management, and collaboration. 


Students learn proven practices for effective remote leaders: leading effective virtual meetings, enabling connections across distance, setting and maintaining boundaries, managing performance, managing tools, enabling autonomy, and making inclusive decisions. 

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Async at Work

Students learn the importance of balancing synchronous and asynchronous communication in virtual teams, and how to adopt more async practices .

Take Action with Growplaceless

Students learn how to combat proximity bias, make their contributions visible across distance, build social capital virtually, and other practices that facilitate growth in remote and hybrid work environments. 

Integration Resources

Facilitation Guide
Easily incorporate Workplaceless content into your curriculum with discussion questions, pacing guides, and tool lists. 

Assignments include detailed rubrics and instructions for providing feedback. 


Our learning management system (LMS) makes it easy to enroll learners and track progress. 


Map course content to your course’s goals with each program’s list of objectives and competencies

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