Learn how to lead and manage hybrid remote and fully distributed teams.

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If you have one remote team member, you have a remote team.

Leadplaceless Curriculum Includes:

The core skills needed to be an effective leader of remote teams.

Module 1: Remote Team Culture

Learn to create and nurture a remote culture that allows your virtual employees to thrive.

Module 2: Communication

Optimize your team's virtual communication techniques and channels to ensure they are effective and consistent.

Module 3: Performance Management

Manage your remote team's performance based on outputs and results, not hours in the office.

Module 4: Conflict Management

Gain the skills to manage conflict in distributed and remote hybrid teams.

Module 5: Vision

Articulate and communicate the vision for the future success of your remote team.

Module 6: Change Management

Lead your team through changes in a remote environment.

Module 7: Learning & Development

Guide and support the learning & development goals within your remote team.

Our modules utilize best-in-class learning and retention principles:

Interactive and engaging e-learning experiences

Videos and animations that make learning clear and approachable

Downloadable worksheets you can refer to again and again

Assignments to give you hands-on practice

Assessments to help you track your learning

Digital certification to prove you're ready as a remote leader.

Virtual guided facilitation sessions for company clients.

Featuring case studies and advice from remote experts at companies including:

Earn Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) Professional Development Credits (PDCs)


"After our team completed the Leadplaceless course, we felt significantly more empowered to hire effective remote teammates, develop a strong culture that would work for us remotely, and ultimately achieve our business goals with a 100% distributed team. Because of the results we saw with this program, we now recommend Workplaceless courses to our clients and partners."

Jo Palmer
Founder, Pointer Remote Roles

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