Are Your Teams Truly Remote Ready?

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Goplaceless Training Module One includes:

  • The Importance and Impact of Remote Work
  • Your Reasons to Go Remote
  • What Makes Remote Work Different
  • What Do You Need to Go Remote?
  • Recruiting Change Agents
  • A Day in the Life
  • Obstacles to Remote Readiness
  • Assess Your Remote Readiness
    • What is Remote Readiness?
    • Obstacles to Remote Readiness
    • Tools for Remote Readiness
    • Remote Readiness Assessment
  • Two Case Studies
  • Your Remote Work Policy - Part 1

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Complete Goplaceless Training Program

The first, and only, program with a curriculum specifically designed to ensure you and your team members are aligned to the same goals when working in and transitioning to fully distributed or remote-hybrid environments. Create a Remote Work Policy and design the supporting infrastructure customized to the setup and goals of your organization.

"There’s a massive need for companies to invest in training their remote employees. In my experience working with and managing distributed teams, I’ve found it challenging to offer remote workers the same support and opportunities for growth as their in-office counterparts. There’s a wealth of knowledge, skill, and untapped potential that can be harnessed with the right tools. I love that there’s a program like Goplaceless to ensure that companies establish the training and processes they need for their remote teams to flourish!"

Lindsay Valente
Coach and Trainer at Wherewithall

"Utah State University Extension's Rural Online Initiative program has partnered with Workplaceless to develop a unique course experience that not only helps students gain skills needed in a remote environment, but also receive remote employment. Through implementing this innovative, new program, we have learned that to truly revitalize rural communities, it's imperative that remote employment opportunities be sustainable long-term. We're excited for the Goplaceless program launch in filling the void of structured resources available to companies in making remote work actually work for our community members as well as businesses."

Paul Hill
Associate Professor at Utah State University Extension

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