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About Our Programs

Our courses are designed based on identified competencies needed to succeed at different stages and roles for remote and hybrid work. All Workplaceless® courses are 1) stackable, meaning the credentials build upon each other for career pathing, and 2) aligned meaning that the concepts and principles taught for each role at a company are consistent so that teams completing trainings are on the same page.

That means each course is effective for individuals, yet deliver a higher ROI when strategically rolled out across organizations and teams. 

Our eCourses are self-paced, however, we estimate each course will take approximately:

  • Workplaceless: 5-12 hours including eCourse content and assignments
  • Leadplaceless: 2-3 hours of eCourse content plus team projects
  • Trainplaceless: 7-14 hours including eCourse content and assignments
  • Goplaceless: 60 minutes of eCourse content.
  • Async at Work: 45 minutes of eCourse content

If you enrolled on or after February 1 2019, you will have 1 year access to all course materials.*

If you enrolled prior to February 1, 2019, please contact learner support at [email protected]

*Exceptions apply for all scholarship / contest / promotional programs. Please see specific details per program.

All of our certifications do not expire. Your earned certification is valid indefinitely. 

No you do not! Our courses can be hosted on any LMS or CMS (SCORM, xAPI). This means that company-wide learners can keep all of their training requirements in one location, translating to higher training completion rates.

Workplaceless is recognized by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) to offer Professional Development Credits (PDCs) for the SHRM-CPSM or SHRM-SCPSM. To see how many SHRM PDCs each course qualifies for, please visit our SHRM page:  

For more information about certification or recertification, please visit

The number of PDCs awarded by each course are determined by the alignment of the content to the SHRM Body of Competency and Knowledge (BoCK). 

Our courses qualify for Continuing Education Units (CEUs). Check with your accrediting body for details.  

The content within our programs is created and curated based on years of research and evaluation to ensure that we deliver results for remote and hybrid teams. Therefore, we do not edit content to create custom courses for clients. 

However, for clients who purchase a minimum of 300 licenses per course, we can provide light tailoring of existing subject matter for an additional cost. Talk with our sales team directly to understand enterprise customization options.

Our courses are tool-agnostic, meaning the guidance we offer works for a range of different workplace tools. While we might reference a specific tool, like Slack, to provide context, the strategy discussed would apply to any office messaging platform. The resources we include within our courses are available in a variety of tool formats, such as Google Docs or PDFs, to be universally accessible. For projects and assignments, we might recommend a set of tools to try (e.g., MURAL, Google Docs, Microsoft Teams), but we fully support clients and learners in adjusting to their specific needs and toolstack.

Yes, all of the eight templates included in the Hybrid Team Success Toolkit benefit fully remote teams. For example, the blended meeting structure template would help all teams looking to quickly adopt more async-first practices, the boundaries sample scripts are essential for all remote workers, and all teams could benefit from a Communication Charter.

Downloading the toolkit directly is the DIY approach to implementing all the templates on your remote or hybrid team. In addition, our Leadplaceless virtual leadership training includes these templates where all leaders of hybrid and fully remote teams can see these templates in action and receive a guided approach to their implementation through the team projects.

Workplaceless developed the first Remote Work Certification back in 2017, and we have continued to evolve our course content and structure based on over five years of experience working directly with remote and hybrid teams. This history makes us the most experienced training provider dedicated to remote work, with proven results from clients. 

Additionally, our Workplaceless learning experience team members are subject-matter experts in remote, hybrid, async, and digital-first work, as well as instructional design. 

We have conducted our own research to continue to ensure that we deliver best-in-class training solutions. We further leverage external expertise in the form of remote and hybrid subject-matter experts, leader interviews, peer-reviewed journals, and industry reports.

At Workplaceless, we are committed to ensuring that the solutions we provide to clients deliver positive results. As soon as we begin partnerships with our clients, we collect qualitative and quantitative data from both learners and clients to assess satisfaction, knowledge acquisition, behavior change, and organizational outcomes and results. This commitment to data, along with our Client Success Stories, reflect transformational change in individuals, teams, leadership, and organizations.

94% of Workplaceless learners state that the information they learned in our courses has had a positive impact on their remote or hybrid work practices.

About Our Clients

Our training programs provide results for organizations with hybrid or fully remote working structures. We’ve delivered results for companies of all sizes—from start-ups to enterprises—but our training recommendations vary upon the needs of each client. Workplaceless programs are designed to improve work performance and effectiveness regardless of industry.

Many of our clients come to us proactively, to ensure that the capabilities and infrastructure they’re building for their remote and hybrid teams will be effective and sustainable. Alternatively, some organizations seek out our solutions to address issues of miscommunication, burnout, overworking, or underperformance. 

We specialize in helping clients strengthen collaboration, boost productivity, increase engagement, and ultimately improve employee retention. Schedule a free consult to see if our trainings can help you.

Our courses are scalable and stackable, meaning all of our programs complement and reinforce one another. Companies receive the highest return on their investment when they train leaders and individual contributors simultaneously. However, if your team is looking to focus training on one group of employees, Workplaceless programs are designed to impact every learner.

During our team consultations, we walk you through demos of our programs, so you’ll see the structure and get an overview of the content. However, if you wish to go deeper into the courses, our clients have found value in purchasing a single license to examine each program in detail. Schedule a chat with our team to determine the best next step for you.

Yes, we offer bulk discounts for organizations enrolling 50 or more employees per program.

Talk with our team to develop a training path with custom pricing.

Absolutely, our programs are intended to work for companies operating in multiple time zones. Our portfolio of eCourses allow learners to access their learning experiences at times that are convenient for them.

We first need to work together to define what “will work” specifically means for your team. We do this during a series of consults to identify gaps across the three pillars of remote work success: mindset, capabilities, and infrastructure. This helps us to identify the specific training path that would benefit your team, as well as the metrics we will use together to evaluate success. Once your team starts your training programs, we use behavioral audits to assess progress and effectiveness and share these results with you to demonstrate the return on investment.

Our portfolio of client success stories as case studies with past and present clients also serves as a resource for you to see specific company situations and results from Workplaceless training.

If your question isn’t answered here, get in touch!

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We find a consultative process is most effective for companies with 50 or more employees and a rapid process is more impactful for companies with fewer than 50 employees.

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