Frequently Asked Questions

Our courses are designed based on identified competencies needed to succeed at different stages and roles for remote work. That means each course is effective for individuals and can be rolled out across organizations and teams. In addition, our courses are stackable (meaning the credentials build upon each other for career pathing) and aligned (meaning that the concepts and principles taught for each role are consistent so that teams completing trainings are on the same page).

Our courses are self-paced, however, we estimate each course will take approximately:

  • Workplaceless: 7-14 hours
  • Leadplaceless: 7-14 hours
  • Trainplaceless: 7-14 hours
  • Goplaceless: 6-12 hours

If you enrolled on or after February 1 2019, you will have 1 year access to all course materials.*

If you enrolled prior to February 1, 2019, please contact learner support at [email protected]

*Exceptions apply for all scholarship / contest / promotional programs. Please see specific details per program.

All of our certifications are valid for two years. With the rapid changes in the remote work landscape, we continuously update our courses to ensure they are staying ahead of the latest learnings and resources. Before your certification expires, you should receive communications from us about recertification

We offer a simple three step process for recertification based upon hours of approved professional development events/learning experiences. You can read the specifics here.

We work with a wide range of companies as well as educational institutions and government initiatives. Most people expect that our clients all live in the tech sphere, however, we’ve found that not to necessarily be the case, and built our programs to be industry agnostic. This includes industries such as: finance, recruitment, consulting, and contracting. 

Most remote-first companies, regardless of scale, utilize our programs as a means of onboarding new talent into a remote work environment, through our Workplaceless and Leadplaceless programs. Other start-up or small to medium sized companies, work with our Goplaceless program to determine the best remote or flexible policies that fit their needs and business goals. 

In working with enterprise clients it’s often a test or trial run within smaller teams, where it’s easier to streamline the buy-in and change managers, that starts the initial shift from co-located, to hybrid, to distributed model.

No you do not! Our courses can be hosted on any LMS or CMS (SCORM, xAPI). This means that company-wide learners can keep all of their training requirements in one location, translating to higher training completion rates.

Virtual facilitation sessions are available to all company customers based upon course progress (excluding Workplaceless® Remote Work Certification). For companies with greater than ten course enrollees, you will have dedicated facilitation sessions, led by a Workplaceless learner expert with whom you can schedule directly, at a frequency of no more than 3 per course. For companies with less than 10 course enrollees, all enrollees will be grouped together across different organizations and facilitation sessions will be scheduled at preset times.

If you are already a company enrolled and need to schedule facilitations, please contact: [email protected]

We do not currently offer guided facilitations for our individual customers, however, we do host our monthly Networkplaceless skill development and networking events.

Workplaceless is recognized by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) to offer Professional Development Credits (PDCs) for the SHRM-CPSM or SHRM-SCPSM. To see how many SHRM PDCs each course qualifies for, please visit our SHRM page:  

For more information about certification or recertification, please visit

The number of PDCs awarded by each course are determined by the alignment of the content to the SHRM Body of Competency and Knowledge (BoCK). 

Our courses qualify for Continuing Education Units (CEUs). Check with your accrediting body for details.  

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