Workplaceless helps remote workers, managers and companies thrive in location-free and flexible environments.

Workplaceless was founded to answer these fundamental questions:

How can people demonstrate they’re capable of working remotely?

How can leaders effectively manage remote and hybrid work teams?

What are best practices for remote teams?

How can remote professionals grow in their careers?

How can companies maximize the benefits and minimize the risks of remote teams?

How can the benefits of remote work extend into communities beyond the current niche reach?

Our vision is bold in that we seek to positively impact both the supply and demand of sustainable remote work opportunities.

With over 15 years of experience in learning and development, academia, and edtech, founder Tammy Bjelland knew she was well-positioned to help remote workers and managers start their learning journeys and find the answers to these questions.

Our Core Values

Transformative learning experiences should be available to everyone, regardless of what role they have, where they work, or what they do


Built off our combined personal passion and professional experience, learning lives at the center. As we develop course curriculum and explore new projects or partnerships, we do all of it with the mindset of how it will benefit our learners. We strive to ensure we always keep an open line of communication with our customers.


Open and honest communication is central to success for all distributed teams, and we aim to extend that transparency from our internal communications to all our public interactions. If we don't have the answer, we will help find it for you, and that's just one reason we are so grateful for all our partners and friends in the remote world.


Being ethical is a value all businesses should instill. For Workplaceless, this means doing what we can to ensure our programs are accessible to everyone. And to continue working towards the ultimate goals of creating a fair and open employment environment on the international scale that we touch.


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