Professional Development & Virtual Networking for Remote Workers

Building Social Capital is one of the 7 Keys to Remote Career Development
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Networkplaceless is a monthly virtual networking event comprised of two components:

  1. An interactive discussion or presentation on professional development topics that are specific to remote work
  2. Networking in breakout groups to connect with fellow remote workers across various industries and geographies

*We're taking a summer break and will restart in September*

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Networkplaceless: Tuesday September 14, 12-1pm EDT

Topic: Async vs Sync Communcation









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If you identify as Black, Indigenous or a Person of Color (BIPOC), please take a few minutes to fill out our survey about Barriers to Remote Work for BIPOC Professionals.

"I wasn't sure how you were going to do the breakout thing since I've never seen that before ... it was magical! Several of us, even Zoom users, thought it was pretty cool. I thought the diversity you brought into the meeting was amazing, and it was great to meet so many remote workers from all over the world. "

Scott Dawson
Art of Working Remotely & Moderator of #RemoteChat

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