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6 April 2022 - Washington, DC

New Future of Work Program Closes Acute Async Skills Gap

Workplaceless launches Async at Work eCourse as a key to gaining and retaining talent who demand flexibility

When 76% of global workers say they are unequipped for the future of work as reported by Salesforce, Workplaceless answers the call with a new learning program that quickly readies workers for async-first work. Designed to be completed in 45 minutes, the groundbreaking Async at Work eCourse helps individuals and teams quickly enable flexibility and improve productivity by adopting async-first practices.

Fears and realities of the “Great Resignation” plague companies that do not adapt to meet workforce needs. Given that 78% of workers are demanding flexible working arrangements and the option to work remotely according to research from Atlassian, companies need to shift their working environments to async-first in order to attract and retain employees. Adopting async work and communication practices will further benefit teams by eliminating inefficient meetings, enabling autonomy, and reducing worker burnout. Learning to balance async and sync communication in Workplaceless’s new Async at Work program is the missing piece to unlocking autonomy and flexibility for employees. 

“Employers cannot afford to ignore the significance of async-first practices if they want to offer the flexibility and autonomy that today’s workforce demands,” explains Workplaceless CEO and Founder, Tammy Bjelland. “Our clients have consistently asked for training that goes beyond the why of async and gives detailed, step-by-step instructions and examples for actually implementing proven practices in their teams. We’re thrilled to be able to meet this need with the Async at Work eCourse.”

This first-of-its-kind async work training program follows a proven method of teaching asynchronous work practices and vocabulary, combined with concrete examples of what great async work practices look like on successful remote and hybrid teams. While reading about async-first work practices can be helpful, the Async at Work eCourse moves beyond such passive learning and provides opportunities to apply examples of proven strategies to the ways each specific team works.

Workplaceless has been leading digital workforce transformations in organizations through its existing remote work training portfolio, including virtual leadership training, the first remote work certification, and team workshops. In addition, the Placeless Taxonomy from Workplaceless has provided the foundation for companies to develop their plans for implementing async-first practices within their teams. The Async at Work program is turnkey for companies and removes the burden to re-create a plan internally. This program is ideal training for all levels of an organization, and specifically complements a digital-first leadership approach as taught in the Leadplaceless virtual leadership training program.


About Workplaceless

Founded in 2017, Workplaceless introduced the first Remote Work Certification program. Since its founding, Workplaceless has evolved to advance a vision of a workforce that thrives in a flexible and digital-first future. With comprehensive expertise at the crossroads of remote work and learning and development, Workplaceless improves effectiveness and engagement among remote and hybrid companies through: remote work training, virtual team workshops, and digital-first skill development programs.

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