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August 8, 2018



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Enrollment Opens for Workplaceless Remote Work Certification Program  

Workplaceless has opened enrollment for its flagship Remote Work Certification program. The program will provide aspiring remote workers with the skills and tools needed to perform successful remote work. 

The course covers seven core topics: the remote workday, communication, workflow, productivity and time management, teamwork, and critical thinking. 

Each module features interactive eLearning, videos, downloads, a scored assessment, and assignment. Participants who receive a 70% average or better in the program will be awarded a Remote Work Certification issued as a Certificate and Badge by Workplaceless/Learning in Bloom.

The course will begin on September 12, 2018 and is open for enrollment now with a special early bird price. To learn more and to enroll in the program click here

Individual workers can now prove to potential employers that they have the knowledge and skills to work remotely by demonstrating their commitment to learning, ability to interact via synchronous and asynchronous methods, a proactive attitude to professional development, and by mastering knowledge and skills required for succeeding in a remote environment.

Organizations can use this training to screen applicants or to supplement their own on-boarding materials. Interested companies should contact Tammy Bjelland at [email protected] for details. 

About Workplaceless

Founded in 2017 by Tammy Bjelland, Workplaceless provides learning and development resources for remote professionals and teams such as self-paced ecourses, live interactive workshops, and a peer-to-peer learning network. 


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