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23 July 2019 - Washington, DC

Workplaceless Launches New Program to Help Start-Ups and
Established Businesses Excel as Remote Companies

Leading remote work education provider Workplaceless announced today the launch of Goplaceless, the first comprehensive online program for companies looking to start a remote team or transition to a distributed business structure. Goplaceless is the most recent training addition to the company’s portfolio of courses designed to help remote workers, managers and companies thrive in location-independent and flexible environments.

Offering an alternative to time-intensive and cost-prohibitive consulting projects, Workplaceless is putting the tools needed for remote business success at the fingertips of change managers and CXOs. The Goplaceless process helps companies decide if they are ready to go remote and create the policies, processes and tools to launch effective and sustainable remote work programs. Goplaceless uses six interactive modules to help leaders determine the optimal remote structure for their company, draft tailored remote work policies designed to achieve scaled productivity and a cohesive company culture, and understand relevant legal and regulatory compliance requirements.  

The demand for flexible work continues to rise, but not all companies are setting their teams up for success. In a 2019 Buffer’s State of Remote Work study, 99% of respondents stated they would like to work remotely at least some of the time. However, Upwork’s 2018 Future Workforce Report noted 57% of companies have no remote work policy. A 2018 Flex Group Strategy study found 57% of employees received no training or guidance on how to manage their work flexibility. 

“Workplaceless is on a mission to help reduce the gap between the low number of remote employment opportunities available to U.S. workers and the increasingly high number of workers who are looking for sustainable remote opportunities,” said Tammy Bjelland, founder and CEO of Workplaceless. “While  working with our clients, we identified key resource gaps for companies looking to start, scale and manage remote teams. With the launch of Goplaceless, we are giving companies of all sizes and histories the ability to sustain a successful remote workforce.”  

The outcome of the Goplaceless program is a tailored, transparent and company-aligned remote work policy supported with personalized training programs for remote workers, managers and company leaders. This complete remote work planning and education program provides the framework companies need to ensure all team members have aligned expectations, and the training and engagement tools remote workers and managers need to succeed.

“The goal of our work with Workplaceless’ remote learning programs is to provide the resources our employees need to support our clients as part of dispersed teams,” said Bryan Laird, president of MBL Technologies. “By arming our team leaders and remote workers with the skills they need to connect with one another while setting aligned expectations and delivering productive strategies, MBL Technologies succeeds in growing our team and achieving our business goals.”


About Workplaceless

Founded in 2017, Workplaceless introduced the first Remote Work Certification program. Since its founding the Workplaceless vision remains bold in seeking to positively affect both the supply and demand of remote work opportunities. With comprehensive expertise at the crossroads of remote work and learning and development, Workplaceless facilitates access to sustainable remote employment for individuals and teams through certifications, onboarding programs, leadership training, remote policy development, networking events and consulting services.

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Jacqueline Zeller, Marketing, Workplaceless
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