Remote Work Effectiveness Assessment

How effective is your organization at working remotely?

Our guided assessment helps you understand your strengths and gaps with a distributed workforce. Learn your score! 

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Assessment Steps


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Background Form

Answer a handful of questions about your organization to determine if you're a fit for our guided remote effectiveness assessment.

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Stakeholder Interviews

Via a series of stakeholder interviews our team works with you to dig into what's working and where there are gaps in your remote team effectiveness.

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Remote Effectiveness Scores

Leveraging our years of working with companies on improving remote work, we will provide your company with in-depth analysis and  Remote Work Effectiveness scores.

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Action Plan

Based on your organization's Remote Work Effectiveness scores, we will work together to find solutions specific to your team's situation, be it through our programs or other remote work improvement resources.

Remote Work Effectiveness Results

Remote Work Effectiveness Levels

Our Remote Effectiveness Assessment provides your team with personalized scores across the three remote effectiveness dimensions of Mindset, Capabilities, and Infrastructure.

Additionally, the process will empower you with deep dive analysis and action plan into performance strengths and growth opportunities.