"We believe education opens doors to economic opportunities. ROI provides much-needed infrastructure and capacity building to regions across America where the employment landscape is changing. We’re thrilled to be a part of the story in creating access to new opportunities that enable workers to stay within, contribute back to, and strengthen their communities.”

- Tammy Bjelland, Founder & CEO, Workplaceless

Workplaceless supports the ROI mission through education and remote work curriculum development.

Year One Program Results

Learning Results 

  • 87% of learners felt their value as a remote worker improved as a result of completing the course* 
  • 81% of learners said they were confident in their ability to find remote work* 

Employment Results

  • For course graduates who found remote work, total salaries increased by 21%* 
  • 28% of participants (58 graduates) had already successfully found remote work at the time of the survey* 
  • Unemployment decreased in 10 of 15 counties served*

*View the complete ROI Annual Program Report Year 1 (Published 2019) 

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For Remote Workers

Remote Work Certification helps get a job-seeker's foot in the door and ensure they're setup for success from day one on the job.

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For Remote Trainers

Skillbuilding for trainers / instructors to deliver optimal experiences within their increasingly virtual classrooms. 

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For Businesses

Expands the "supply" of remote opportunities by equipping businesses with the tools / processes they need to convert to and succeed in distributed environments.

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For Universities

Prepares upcoming graduates and institutions for the future of work through curriculum development, flexible staff policies, and remote training. 

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