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Boost Your Remote Job Search: 5 Things To Do Today

You're already searching for remote jobs using job search engines and boards and you've probably already applied to at least some. If you're looking for other ways to boost your search for the perfect remote job, here are 5 things you can do today. These 5 things are simple enough that you can do in just one day that will improve your odds of landing that ideal remote position.


Boost Your Remote Job Search Today:

1. Update your resume

When was the last time you really took a look at that resume of yours? Are you sure it has all the most up-to-date information possible? Take some time today to really look through it, and use this list as a guide to create your amazing resume.

2. Reach Out

Reach out to someone in your network to let them know that you're looking for work. If you're not sure how to do it in an email, ask them to catch up by phone or in person so you can bring up the topic more organically. Remember that your personal network is very likely to help you land a job, so don't ignore it.

3. Work on a Skill

Since you've updated that resume, take a good look at it. Are there any skills that are missing from that resume? Perhaps some skills that you wish you had but haven't had the chance to develop? Today is the day, friend. Check out the following options to pick up or work on a new skill today:

4. Add to Your Portfolio

If you don't have a portfolio that shows off your work, then make one. If you do, add to it today. Make sure that you've included recent work that relates to the positions that you're interested in.

5. Sign up for the Workplaceless Remote Work Certification Course

Want more guidance on how to stand out in a growing pool of remote candidates? Our Workplaceless Remote Work Certification program gives you the skills and credentials you're ready to take on a remote role.

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