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Dozens of speakers delivered valuable advice to a couple hundred remote workers and digital nomads last week at Nomad City

It was an incredible learning experience—not just because of the facts, information, and processes that were so generously shared. It was because the content was relevant to the audience.

They told stories. They gave clear examples. They answered questions. They gave feedback. It wasn’t just speakers delivering information. It was a conversation. 

That makes all the difference between an interesting learning experience and a transformative one: 

Discussion. Conversation. Synchronous exchange of ideas.

But… you work remotely. And that means that conversation is not likely to occur organically. You have to make it happen.

How can you do that?

  1. Plan. Decide what you want to get out of the discussion and who should be involved. Do you want to check and extend understanding of a concept? Incorporate new ideas into a workflow? Brainstorm other possible applications of new ideas? Who should/could be involved? What should be completed before the discussion? Invite others’ input as needed.
  2. Invite. Share your plan with the person or people who are participating, and set a day and time for your discussion. Remember to clearly communicate the plan!
  3. Discuss. At the designated day and time, hold your conversation. As with any meeting, make sure everyone involved understands the expectations and that you follow an agenda.

So here’s my invitation: the next time you’re taking on a new learning challenge, whether it’s on your own or part of your team, include discussion as part of it. 

Answer a couple questions below and submit to schedule a complimentary consultation.

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