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Top Communication Tools for Remote Teams

You already use two of the best communication tools in your daily life: email and telephone. You can use both of those tools when you work in a remote team, but chances are you might need additional tools to make sure everyone is on the same page. This is especially true if you've encountered any communication challenges within your team.


Top Communication Tools


Slack is far and away my favorite of all communication tools for teams larger than one person. It basically lets you organize your communication in a way that is user-friendly and searchable, which is awesome.

When you sign up for Slack you either join or create a workspace. The workspace is usually for an entire company or organization, but that could be different depending on your situation.

In each workspace you have channels which are designated by hashtags, like #sales, #tech, #general, #hr.

When you invite your team members to use Slack, you add them to the channels that relate to them. For instance, you would invite your sales team to the #sales channel. Once your team members are added, you can start communicating.

Slack works like chat — so when you add a message, it automatically notifies the person or channel you're messaging.

One of the best parts of Slack is that past messages are searchable, and the search functionality works extremely well. Instead of combing through your email inbox, just search in Slack.

Depending on the level of Slack that you use, you can also use the new "call" feature which is pretty cool.



Skype works well for remote teams because you can have voice or video chats with team members at the click of a button. It's been around a long time, which means it's likely that your team members are familiar with it.

You can use Skype to connect and talk to other Skype users or you can buy credits to call non-emergency phone numbers.



Gmail, Google Hangouts, and Google Chat are all great tools to use for communication. Chances are pretty good you're already using your Google account, so it makes sense to take advantage of the whole suite of tools that Google offers.

If you're starting from scratch and tend to feel overwhelmed by options, start with Google. Many people already use it so you don't have to worry about a learning curve. Plus, you have many communication options in one place.



Zoom is my pick for webinars and virtual meetings because the desktop, browser, and mobile apps are user-friendly. It also offers some outstanding features for just a fraction of the price of some of their competitors.

These features include:

  • Unlimited meetings
  • High-attendance limits
  • Screensharing
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Chat
  • Breakout rooms
  • Annotation
  • Recording
  • Scheduling

And much more.


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