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Workplaceless Partners with Na’amal to Support Remote Employment for Refugees


Since Workplaceless first engaged in the mission of teaching remote skill development, a primary aspect of our vision has been to leverage remote work as a way to increase accessibility of employment opportunities for under-served areas and populations. As we set out to advance this goal, we were grateful to be connected with Lorraine Charles, Director and Co-founder of Na’amal, who shares a similar vision of remote work as a means to provide opportunities for refugees and other vulnerable populations.

 We are excited to announce the next phase of our relationship: a pilot Workplaceless training program specific to Na’amal and the refugee communities it supports.


Background on remote work for refugees

Charles has studied employment opportunities available to refugees and examined remote work as offering potential solutions.

 “In many refugee-hosting countries in the Middle East, refugees have limited access to employment because of legal barriers, lack of available jobs or lack of skills. Remote work can provide a solution, providing global employment through technology and the Internet to refugees where they are located. While many refugees have the technical skills to work remotely, many lack the soft skills and know-how to navigate the remote work ecosystem. There has been no hiring of refugees as remote workers in significant numbers to date.”

The partnership between Workplaceless and Na’amal intends to close this gap by providing the knowledge and skills refugees specifically need to navigate the remote work landscape.

Read Lorraine Charles’s full policy paper and her article for the World Economic Forum.


Details on the Na’amal and Workplaceless pilot training program

Workplaceless is joining Na’amal as its official learning partner. Workplaceless will provide the training and curriculum centered on the foundational skills needed for remote employment success. 

The pilot cohort will consist of approximately 30 refugees from the Middle East. The program will be modified to meet the specific needs of this refugee community, including online facilitations, mentorships and onsite guided experiences. Na'amal will then further support these refugees in finding remote employment with private sector partners.

This initial pilot training program intends to demonstrate proof of concept and opportunities for optimization before a larger scale roll out.


Seeking sponsors 

Together, Na’amal and Workplaceless are seeking additional sponsors to support the roll-out and to cover the implementation expenses of this program. If your organization shares our joint passion in supporting the future employment of displaced refugee communities, please consider partnering with us for this pilot program.

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