Hybrid Team Success Toolkit


For Managers of Hybrid Teams

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The Hybrid Team Success Toolkit offers eight key processes, practices, meetings, and rituals in a fully async format. Access step-by-step instructions for applying digital-first and async-first skills in your work. Use templates and tasks lists ingrain these behaviors as habits, with guidance from the Workplaceless team via overview videos.
The eight toolkit items include:
  • Blended Meeting: Reduce time spent in synchronous meetings by running a Blended Meeting that leverages asynchronous collaboration
  • Performance Rubric: Use a Performance Rubric to document expectations that can be met regardless of employee location
  • Connection Ritual: Establish a Connection Ritual that allows both in-office and remote employees to develop valuable social capital
  • Communication Charter: Build a Communication Charter that articulates expectations around responsiveness and how to use communication tools
  • Boundaries Scripts: Develop and use Boundaries Scripts that help your team set and adhere to boundaries
  • Single Source of Truth: Set up a Single Source of Truth that houses all the information that your team needs to get their work done
  • Decision-Making Process: Help your team make decisions using a blended Decision-Making Process
  • Deep Work Session: Support focus and innovation on your remote or hybrid team by structuring a Deep Work Session
Available formats include:
  • Google Docs and Sheets
  • Microsoft Word and Excel

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