For Hybrid and Fully Distributed Team Leaders

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The Leadplaceless virtual leadership training is a self-paced ecourse designed to help build remote and hybrid leader effectiveness in managing and leading in the age of workplace flexibility.  The following outline provides an overview of the course topics and outcomes.

There are three metaskills that are the common thread of this course:

  • Resilience. Develop trust, psychological safety, and belief in the ability to work well together as a team.
  • Communication. Balance synchronous and asynchronous communication to preserve energy, improve productivity, and optimize outcomes.
  • Inclusion. Combat distance bias and enable connections to one another and to the company.


Leadplaceless guides learners through a # hour, fully async learning experience from knowledge acquisition to team impact. By practicing async skill building, and applying new behaviors and habits right away, learners will gain confidence and experience immediate results to set the foundation for lasting change.

Knowledge → Attitude → Skills → Behaviors → Habits → Impact 

Knowledge: Learn about proven practices in hybrid and fully remote teams and the reasons why these work

Attitude: See examples of hybrid-friendly attitudes and self-reflect on your own beliefs

Skills: Recognize remote leadership skills in action and access step-by-step instructions for applying those skills in your work

Behaviors: Conduct audits of your own behaviors, and you’ll choose the outcomes of virtual leadership situations

Habits: Use job aids, checklists and SOPs to engrain these behaviors as habits, including One Tiny Actions

Impact: Get access to a survey template you can use with your team to get feedback on the impact of the changes you have made.

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