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4 Startups Hiring Remote Workers

When you’re looking for a remote career, there are several options: work for yourself, a large business, or a startup. Large companies like AmazonDell, or Humana will have multiple job openings at any given time, which can expand your opportunities. But there are plenty of startups hiring remote workers, as well. Working at a startup can be fun and exciting and can be a pivotal point in developing your career. Below are four startups that are currently hiring in multiple remote positions.

4 Startups Hiring Remote Workers


Toptal is a talent network focused on the software engineering, design, and finance industries. They have under 1000 employees and there are many remote positions available across many disciplines and levels.

Head over to their profile on Glassdoor and make sure to check out the reviews — here’s a highlight:

Having been in the workplace for over 20 years this is a company that values their employees, gives them the tools for success and truly has developed a unique culture of integrating work and life […] I have great benefits, compensation, and room for growth that is encouraged. I have literally found my dream job and employer.

That’s extremely high praise! And it’s not the only example: the company averages a score of 4.5/5 for employee satisfaction.


PointClickCare applies cloud-based technology to senior care, solving problems for senior care providers like tracking patient care quality, clinical-care delivery, and revenue-cycle management.

This company also averages a 4.5 based on employee reviews on Glassdoor. Here’s a sample review:

Awesome flexibility and autonomy that is afforded to me by working from home. Talented, smart and fun co-workers that make every day exciting. Amazing leadership that provides a vision for taking care of our customers and a culture of taking care of the employees. Wonderful customers and partners that motivate and challenge us to provide the best solutions in the market.


Automattic is making the web a better place — they’re the folks that bring us WordPress! 

According to an employee, here are some of the benefits to working for this company:

1. Incredible team
2. Distributed company (work from wherever you’d like, whenever you’d like)
3. Great work/life balance
4. Competitive salaries
5. Phenomenal benefits for US employees
6. Open vacation policy
7. Amazing travel opportunities


An education technology company, Amplify.

Here’s a peek into what it’s like to work at Amplify:

Amplify has a great work environment. There is nothing but respect among and between people from all departments (QA, Design, Devs, Project Managers, and Upper Management). The culture at Amplify rewards talent, hard-work, and self-motivation, and is coupled with a great work-life balance.


Other Startups Hiring

There are smaller organizations that are hiring than even the startups listed above. How can you tell if a company is a startup? In many cases, the company will describe itself that way. This description can either be on their Glassdoor profile, the company description in the job opening, or on the company website. If it’s unclear, try to Google the name of the company plus the search term startup. “Startup” is one of those terms that is often used without any clear definition, but in general, a startup is a new, fast-growing business.

4 cool startups hiring remote workers #workfromwherever #workplaceless


Working for a startup can have its pros and cons. But, if you are really set on working for a startup and don’t find any of the opportunities above appealing, then you can try the following steps.

  1. Search for remote positions on Glassdoor and FlexJobs
  2. Review the company overview page which will feature the company size
  3. Read the overview and see if there are any indications that the company is a startup
  4. Make sure to read the employee reviews, too!


Increase your odds of actually getting that remote job!

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  2. Ensure you can communicate your education, experience and skills in a way that matches the needs for each particular job.
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