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A Positive Impact on Remote Workers and Remote Companies


“Workplaceless aims to positively impact both the supply and demand of sustainable remote work opportunities.”


We believe in the power and potential of remote work, and we’ve been working to define for you how we make remote work work for the long-term. Let’s break down our mission.

The demand of remote work refers to the number of workers seeking remote or flexible job opportunities. People are seeking remote work for a wide variety of professional and personal reasons. 

Entrepreneurs, working parents, freelancers, travelers, digital nomads, people with disabilities or chronic illnesses, students, military spouses, retirees, and anyone who wants better work-life balance might be able to find work where they couldn’t before.

However, when we take a look at remote-first companies, such as Doist, we see that the number of job applications far outpaces the number of roles available at 1,000+ to 1 ratio. The likelihood of getting hired for a remote role is significantly higher if you have prior remote work experience. Our flagship course, the Workplaceless Remote Work Certification, is a way for individuals seeking remote work to learn, earn, and demonstrate the skills they need to succeed in a distributed environment. 

The supply of remote work refers to companies offering employment roles available as remote positions. While the number of companies offering flexible roles is on the rise, as demonstrated by companies like Doist above, the growth of remote supply lags behind remote demand. Many teams we speak with understand the potential benefits of hiring remote employees, but lack the tangible steps to go about it effectively. There are also significant differences in team culture and productivity when a company is fully distributed vs. operating in a hybrid model with just a handful of remote employees. That’s why, in 2019, we introduced the Goplaceless program for companies to evaluate their remote readiness and develop their customized remote work policies.

Sustainable remote work means we want remote work to work—not just as a perk, but to thrive for the long-term. We’ve seen first hand that simply giving employees a laptop and saying “ok, you work from home now” is an ineffective model. Individuals need the skills and resources to manage feelings of isolation, overworking, distractions, and individual career development. Companies need to ensure they’re establishing the processes to drive communication, evaluate performance, and ensure alignment. Without investing in training programs specific to remote environments, the sustainability of remote work suffers, and teams pull back on their remote work policies.

Positively impact means we recognize the rapid growth of remote work and introduce resources that support not just that inevitable growth but the ability to thrive.


What does this mean for our business and what we offer for this community of distributed professionals? 

Remote workers cannot thrive without the right organizational support. Here’s how we help:

  • Trainplaceless: A training program designed for remote HR, trainer, and learning and development professionals to effectively develop and implement a remote learning and development strategy.
  • Goplaceless: An all-inclusive training program for remote-interested or currently hybrid companies to align expectations and processes for going remote.

Remote companies cannot thrive if their people aren’t set up for success. The following programs support the skills needed for remote progress: 

  • Workplaceless Remote Work Certification: Training for remote workers to learn the skills for effective and fulfilling remote work, including communication, time management, and autonomy.
  • Leadplaceless: Training for remote managers to effectively optimize their hybrid or fully distributed remote teams, focusing on subjects such as remote team culture, performance management, and communication.
  • Networkplaceless: An open-access community and networking opportunity for all individuals working with teams in virtual environments to discuss everyday challenges and solutions.

The distributed landscape continues to evolve. So do the people in it, and so do we, as we adapt our offering to provide more remote learning opportunities in 2020 and beyond.

  • Growplaceless: A program specific to remote career development.
  • Speakplaceless: A program specific to non-native English speakers. (Get started on language alignment with our Remote Work Dictionary)
  • HR Virtual Training Bootcamp: Details TBD, but we’re excited and leaning heavily on your feedback for this one!

In 2020+ we continue to be committed to increasing the accessibility of remote work. We’re progressing in our partnership with Na’amal to support remote employment for refugees. We’re dedicating resources to the expansion and replication of the Rural Online Initiative. We continue to increase and deepen partnerships with fellow advocates for remote work all over the globe, such as Virtual Vocations and Pointer Remote Roles.

Please continue to join us as we work to “positively impact both the supply and demand of sustainable remote work opportunities.”

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